Casal rock
2 seasons
Musical Docu-reality
Prime time
45 minutes

A group of 25 retirees of about 70 years old accept an unusual challenge: launch themselves headfirst in to singing some of the greatest hits in rock. This reality follows the day to day both musically and personally of this elderly choir while they prepare with the help of singer and composer Marc Parrot, for their greatest challenge: learning a repertoire of songs and holding their own in a grand concert in front of family and friends.

It’s much more than just a music program, it’s a surprising, unusual, and optimistic look at the vitality of the elderly and an example of ability to overcome, learning and talent.

Nominated for the Rose d'Or for best entertainment program.
En: Broadcast Tv 
Tags: casal rock english version marc parrot non-scripted tv3 
Lunes, 23 de mayo de 2016 • 10:50h.