Big Band Clan
Children’s series
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30 minutes

In every school there is a classroom made available to families one hour before school starts: it’s the extra hour, synonym of boredom. However, what Ana and her brother Dani don’t know is that their lives are just about to change. Because in their new school that classroom is in fact Dr. Einstein’s laboratory. And with the classmates they will spend time there, they will create the greatest brotherhood of all time: The Big Band Clan.

The characters, apart from the adventures they go on, transmit educational and participative values. With this production, TVE recovers children’s programming adapted to the current reality of communication for children and families. The content goes beyond each episode and is complemented by capsules spread throughout the scheduling. Its characters bring personality to the channel and turn into an element of continuity.
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Miércoles, 25 de mayo de 2016 • 12:30h.